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time. I am 00Ni, another birdapp refugee.

I am physically disabled and spend a lot of time on the Internet. In my free time I play video games or work/abandon projects.

I will mostly toot about accessibility in gaming ( I am VERY passionate about that) or projects I do/see and like.

Re-Introduction for new Instance 

@00Ni Welcome once more to the Fediverse! I hope you'll like it here.
That's a damn cool instance name! Kind of jealous we didn't think of it. Ah well, it's better to have more instances for disabled people on here anyway.
However ... could you please not use the word refugee? It mocks actual challenges and suffering faced by actual refugees. You're just moving from one site to another.

Re-Introduction for new Instance 

@Mayana That is a valid point. Gonna refrain from using it in this context. Thanks for pointing it out!

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This instance is for all disabled people! We want to talk and share our lifes. This instance is located in Germany and we speak German and English. We love to see the community become bigger and international. Beside the Admin, Melly is Moderator on this Instance.